Experience Manager

Personalize visitor engagement before, during & after the stay through VIVIOT App. Experience Manager offers your visitors top-notch services such as nearby ride sharing, food deliveries, dating options, fine dining... Grow your customers’ satisfaction, open new, lucrative selling channels for your and partner services.
Marketplace enhances your guests’ experience. It promotes your extra services, amenities or offers outside services (ridesharing, food delivery, dining, dating, tours) for a commission. Marketplace grows customer satisfaction, increases recurring stays while growing your brand. Click through rate statistics is available to analyse performance of your promotions.

Increase your revenue
while saving your guests’ time

Customized App for your guests.
Offers useful information to your guests.
Earn commission by promoting extra services.
Saves time, the latest offers are always ready at hand.
Grows your brand.
Marketplace amplifies guest experience by connecting on- and off property experience. A hotel can promote their spa, gym, fine dining… or offer outside services and earn a commission doing so. It uses its own channel as a marketing tool to increase revenue and help nearby businesses attract hotel guests. It matches guests with the best offers and hotels with maximized revenue. Marketplace keeps track of click-through rate and compiles reports on what works best so you can run campaigns that drive customer satisfaction, generate returning guests and increase your revenue.