What does it mean to have a Digital Access?

11 Sep 2020Blog
Instead of physical access qualify your premises with a Digital Access. The concept of Digital Access is to completely participate in a digital society. Digital Access includes IoT technologies, tools and resources to connect all premises. It guarantees safe and secure access to premises without a physical key.
Transform your existing business model by easily integrating our smart VIVIOT IoT platform into your premises. Easily delegate who may or may not have access, secure your spaces with identity-based digital access and create unique entry rules to provide the highest standards of safety and security. The advantage of use is that you can manage all accesses and related activities remotely. Isn't this great?
Our advanced automatic solution is suitable for:
✔️ workplace buildings,
✔️ congress center,
✔️ city,
✔️ hospitality,
✔️ shopping malls,
✔️ speciality.
Why choose and integrate our VIVIOT IoT platform with many advanced automatic solutions to your facility management?
  • Digital Access Control provides and easy and secures digital access to employees and external maintenance staff, visitors and guests. Entrances, doors and access rules can be easily managed centrally from VIVIOT Business Dashboard.
  • The functionality of a central Access Control is to delegate and allow digital access to the right person at the right time. In case of detected hazards (e.g. visitor did not disinfect his hands at the additional checking point at the entrance and he did not wear a mask) or another suspicious event, digital access can be denied. All activities can be managed remotely from VIVIOT Business Dashboard.
  • Easily integrate and upgrade existing access systems to ensure higher identity-based security access control. It supports NFC, QR, RFID, APNR technologies for unlocking, so there is no excuse that integration cannot be made in the environment of your space.
  • All digital keys can be viewed and managed centrally from VIVIOT Business Dashboard. Your employees can access to premises and unlock the door via mobile phone. Digital keys (a unique QR codes) are stored for them in VIVIOT Business Application. Your guests and visitors are also able to access premises and unlock rooms and spaces via mobile phone. Their digital keys are stored in a customizable VIVIOT application for end-users and it is supported on both, Android and iOS platforms. Easily review access activities by creating reports and analysis from VIVIOT Business Dashboard.
  • Manage reservations, tickets and invitations in combination with digital access: invite visitors and guests easily and VIVIOT will delegate them a digital key directly to their mobile phone. VIVIOT allows managing reservations, virtual tickets or even payments before visitors or guests can operate or check with a digital key.
  • Safety concerns come first. Be notified and reacted immediately when some suspicious event or unauthorized entry happened.
Are you already excited? Do you agree with this statement below?
"Technology touches everyone, everywhere, and I want to be part of that." - Caitlyn, from Boston, of Girls Who Code.
Request our demo, book an appointment with us via info@viviot.net and see how technology can work for you and how can our experienced team can help to transform your existing business model. Allow yourself to co-create in the digital era of our lives.
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