We are a proud recipient of the Certificate of Excellence!

27 Oct 2020Blog
What motivates your company and your team to achieve the set goals? We are inspired by our customers and glad that our partners and clients recognize our solution as one of the best on the market. Thanks to CompanyWall that awarded us with the Certificate of Creditworthiness, we walk the talk and not the other way around.
Transparency, a good work environment, happy clients, and happy employees are the cornerstone of our vision and strategy.  
The Certificate of Creditworthiness gives us an official recognition of a stable and safe business.
CompanyWall, an independent international credit rating agency plays an important role in establishing stable and objective financial data architecture in Slovenia. The popularity of credit rating is based on its simplicity - numerous data are presented by a single symbol.
Certification and credit ratings contribute to the development of the financial market in the country and are important for easier orientation and for determining the country’s financial condition in a more accurate way. They help investors objectively comprehend both stable and unstable aspects of the country’s economic structure.
Businesses as well as government institutions are increasingly relying on data, assessments, and certification. The importance of credit rating increases with the emergence of a large number of credit derivatives and other financial products, which depend on the financial capacity of the partners and the possibility of default.
We are happy and honored that our company is recognized on the market as a trustworthy company that improves the quality of life of society with its technologically advanced services and products.