We joined forces with SALTO Systems for a noticeable improvement in security

21 Oct 2020Blog
We are honored to announce that VIVIOT has joined forces with SALTO Systems, a pioneer in the field of smart lock solutions and the largest provider of digital access control solutions. We could not be more excited about this new partnership!
SALTO System has been delivering state-of-the-art, wire-free, and keyless electronic access control solutions and has established a strong presence in the hospitality industry, developing innovative and reliable electronic locking solutions that improve guest experience, hotel management, design, and security. SALTO is driven by continuous innovation and is committed to developing the most technologically-advanced and aesthetically pleasing electronic locking solutions.

SALTO Systems boasts globally renowned customers:

Regus Properties, Cambridge Innovative Center, T-Mobile Austria, Nestlé, education – America University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Princeton University, hospitality - Hilton Hotels, Sheraton Marriot Hotels, etc.

With the help of SALTO, VIVIOT covers a wide range of industries with its advanced digital access solutions:


SALTO solutions are in use around the world in many types of office buildings, with retailers of all types, banks and insurance companies, and in manufacturing and industrial sites where they provide security, access control, and staff and workforce management.

The key benefits that users have in commercial premises are:

  • Efficiently use the natural movements of different groups of users within and across the individual areas of the facility.  
  • Extend security and audit trail information to access points throughout your building: from office doors to data cabinets to parking gates.
  • Optimize the use of individual areas of the facility by flexibly changing access plans easily to facilitate the individual programming of certain installations for conferences and special events.
  • Seamless integration with Physical Security Information Management Systems (PSIM) and building automation systems. Connecting the security system to the existing system is quite simple.

We have an access control solution to meet all of your coworking needs:

✔️In reception area, you can provide access control credentials to those needing general entry into your coworking space. From there, access can be restricted to general areas and shared desks or provided to gain entry into a private office if they have reserved one.
✔️You can give access to use copier machines and equipment, and the ability to track who uses what machine and how often can provide insight for operations.
✔️Meeting rooms can remain open during non-reserved times or can be set to allow access by certain individuals when they are reserved.
✔️Control who can gain entry into break rooms, kitchen, supply cabinets, and pantries.
✔️Solutions to secure emergency exits and panic bars to ensure complete control of access and permissions for staff, visitors, and coworking users.
✔️Designed to make your elevator more intelligent and secure. Add this highly-adaptable solution to your new or existing elevator systems and provide access to the floor linked to user access rights.
✔️Vending machine access: Access control can be combined with POS and purchase points to provide a cashless card solution.
✔️Coworking solutions are all about flexibility and convenience. Access control means you can configure the special rooms in your coworking space to meet your ever-changing needs while providing – or limiting – access at the same time.
✔️Access control can even extend beyond the doors of your coworking solution to the car park, bike park, and entrance gate.
✔️The ultimate in coworking spaces is the private office. Clients can be given access for an hour, a day, a month – or beyond.
Coworking spaces offer private and public offices as well as a variety of amenities. VIVIOT-SALTO partnership brings the perfect solution for any type of coworking facility because it gives management the capability to quickly assign access rights or delete them. Installation is easy and the solution is affordable – and can grow right along with your business. This solution allows that you can determine access down to the minute, set notifications for specific events, and track who goes where and when.


Due to advanced development, SALTO solutions are also perfect for educational environments including universities, university housing, schools, research institutes, academies, kindergartens, and more where they provide security, access control, and campus management.

The key benefits that users have in educational premises are:

  • Differentiate easily who has access and when to different places.
  • Distinguish access not just by physical location but also duration, easily managing access for short-term guests, i.e., conference attendees, contract and temporary workers, as well as staff and students. Integration of access control along with other campus services.
  • Flexibility of the system lets you change access plans easily.
  • In emergency situations, local lockdown feature allows authorized users to put SALTO electronic locks into stand-alone lockdown mode.
VIVIOT platform with help of SALTO Systems provides a suite of access control solutions that balance security with accessibility, and advanced technology with affordability. By embedding high-performance electronic access control into their infrastructure, universities, university housing, schools, research institutes, academies, kindergartens and more can protect their people, assets, and buildings while providing world-class facilities that attract students and drive revenues. Parents need to trust educational institutions to look after their children, so they must provide effective 24/7 security and ensure both students and staff are safe and protected at all times.


Great emphasis, and quite understandably, on digital access is also placed in healthcare environments such as hospitals and clinics, elderly homes and assisted living apartments, home care, social centers, and more where they provide security, access control, resident and staff management.

The key benefits that users have in healthcare premises are:

  • Providing a safe and convenient environment for employees, patients, visitors, and external staff.
  • Differentiate easily who has access, when, and for how long to different places.
  • Extend the security of your access plan to include even mobile workers easily and without sacrificing productivity.
  • Protect against theft of drugs, pharmaceuticals, or personal belongings.
  • Providing clean and aseptic surroundings with BioCote© antimicrobial finish based on silver ion technology.
The challenges involved in securing a hospital or other healthcare environment are unlike those in almost any other building. How this is achieved depends on many factors including the level of security and convenience required in specific areas such as operating theatres, consulting rooms, pharmacies, laboratories, drug cabinets, surgical wards, and so on but whatever the access control solution used, it has to be both secure and flexible so that staff and patient safety is maintained. SALTO healthcare access control can provide you with a secure, flexible solution to all of these requirements and more. VIVIOT-SALTO access control solutions provide complete visibility of who accesses your buildings and rooms, and when. We equip you with simple management and complete control, we ensure you can enable or disable individual user access rights instantly, remotely, centrally, and without additional cost.


Definitely, security comes first in public administration buildings, such as town and city council facilities, state and federal administration, police and court facilities, ministries, parliaments, military bases, and more where they provide security, access control, and personnel management.

The key benefits that users have in government premises are:

  • Separate public and restricted areas in your access plan by differentiating easily who has access and when to such different places.
  • Optimize the use of public access areas by employing the flexibility of the system to change access plans easily.
  • If an emergency requires it, utilize lockdown functionality to help bring control to the situation.
  • Employ heavy-duty locks for high traffic doors that meet government requirements.
  • Establish a flexible and secure distribution of access rights for specified areas.


Restricting access to predetermined persons is also important in airports, train, metro and bus stations, ports and ships, warehousing and distribution centers, and more where they provide security, access control, and passenger and employee management.

The key benefits that users have on transport premises are:

  • Set access rights that distinguish between public, semi-public, and restricted areas for diversified buildings and locations.
  • Establish access rights for different places such as transit areas, parking areas, maintenance areas, etc.
  • Provide access, including decentralized facilities, with the same credential used at the main location.
  • Employ a reliable and intuitive access control solution developed for hard use in high traffic areas like public main entrances, parking, and maintenance areas.
  • Protect against wrongful allegations of and between staff members and create a more positive and safe work environment with the objectivity of an audit trail.


The plan of access to different spaces is also important in leisure and entertainment facilities including sports centers and stadiums, swimming pools, health clubs, cinemas and theatres, museums, amusement parks, restaurants, and more where they provide security, access control, and visitor and staff management.

The key benefits that users have in sport and other special premises are:

  • Integrate access control, cashless vending, hotel accommodations, and other services on one credential.
  • Optimize the use of special facilities by changing access plans easily, and thereby facilitating the individual programming of certain installations for conferences and special programs.
  • Reliable and advanced access control solution developed for hard use in high traffic areas like public main entrances and locker areas.
  • Wide range of carriers to suit just about any kind of need, including waterproof credentials and user’s smartphone.
The hospitality electronic locks and mobile solution provides the optimal guest experience and the best utilization of hotel rooms, suites, and meeting space infrastructure. Security, efficiency, and design are all essential aspects of access control in the highly competitive hospitality sector. With VIVIOT-SALTO partnership we can now offer you complete solutions to each hotel type, both newly constructed and refurbished, by catering specifically to your needs, whether it be improving management performance or offering guests premium room wire-free access. SALTO Systems has been with over 10,000 hotel projects worldwide proven in hospitality environments around the world.

Technologically advanced solutions offer a wide range of products for various solutions


VIVIOT’s Smart Spaces solution offers you tools, AI technology, and IoT connectivity to efficiently manage facilities.
We designed it for multiple industries, from Hospitality, Commercial to specialty. If you manage different types of buildings or spaces in different locations, everything is configurable and can be set to your business needs.
VIVIOT Smart Spaces are easily connected to several different devices and IoT providers. We have a network of high-quality IoT partners as well as is easily connected to your existing infrastructure. For more information on how VIVIOT is easily connected or how we can provide an end-to-end solution, see our Technology resources.
A few words of what all smart space covers we also wrote in a short blog post “Smart Space Overview.”


The concept of Digital Access is to completely participate in a digital society. Digital Access includes IoT technologies, tools, and resources to connect all premises. It guarantees safe and secure access to premises without a physical key.
Transform your existing business model by easily integrating our smart VIVIOT IoT platform into your premises. Easily delegate who may or may not have access, secure your spaces with identity-based digital access, and create unique entry rules to provide the highest standards of safety and security. The advantage of use is that you can manage all accesses and related activities remotely.

Secure your premises with identity-based digital access:

  • Delegate, allow, or deny digital access centrally and easily.
  • Create additional entry rules (proof of ID, body temperature check, etc.).
  • All keys stored in the mobile application for both end-users and staff.
  • Easily integrate and upgrade existing access systems to ensure higher identity-based security access control (supports NFC, QR, RFID, APNR technologies for unlocking).
  • Review and validate door entries by roles (ex. cleaning team, visitor, management board, security team…) and create reports.
  • Be notified about all unauthorized entries or other suspicious events.


VIVIOT's Automated Front Desk allows pre-registration of your visitors, easy identification, and ID verification. Before arriving, visitors easily scan ID via VIVIOT, the data is then matched with the registration details or booking.
To optimize your staff and relocating your resources, VIVIOT enables integration with kiosk, completely automating the screening and check-in process.
Fetching the data from VIVIOT’s booking engine or existing software VIVIOT automatically creates and sends the encrypted digital access key with specific credentials directly to the visitor.
We already wrote some words about »How to transform your physical reception?«


Workflow triggering helps you keep track of upkeep, housekeeping, and safety checks being done on the building, hotel, or any given space in particular automatically. Automatically, tasks can now be triggered, recorded, distributed, and more. In addition to that, all tasks are equipped with instructions and limited digital keys, so to prevent a security breach.
Workflow can either be time, event, or space-based, and any particular combination. Workflow triggering assists personnel on daily operation and at the same time pays close attention to irregular events, such as intrusion, emergency, or critical damage keeping people and property safe.
It is fully configurable for recurring tasks and anticipates unforeseen events (i.e. light approaching the end of life cycle after a specific number of uses or hours). Workflow triggering analyses upcoming or in-progress maintenance tasks. It organizes a record to prevent missing out on upkeep.

Hyper automate processes. Let the IoT technology work for you:

  • Hyper-automated workflows and tasks triggered by sensors, space parameters, personnel, or visitors and sent to the right personnel at the right time.
  • Combined tasks with digital access, to limit space and time for all staff.
  • Have proof of work at the location. All tasks are tracked and to finish, Smart Space Tag (NFC or QR tag) must be scanned on location. This way, you will always have proof of who, where, and when the task was finished.
  • Create reports, track efficiency, time, optimize, and analyze easily from our dashboard.


Good user experience is the key to a successful business. With that in mind, VIVIO visitor's application offers the option to personalize visitor engagement before, during & after their stay.
The marketplace enhances your guest's experience. It promotes your extra services, amenities, or offers outside services for a commission. Marketplace grows customer satisfaction, increases recurring stays while growing your brand. Click-through rate statistics are available to analyze the performance of your promotions.
With this feature, you can offer your visitors top-notch services such as nearby ride-sharing, food deliveries, dating options, fine dining, and grow your customer's satisfaction, open new, lucrative selling channels for your and partners services.
More about experience manager you can read in our previous blog post on »How to enhance your guests experience?«
By partnering with SALTO, VIVIOT has taken a major step forward in terms of technology in providing digital access.
And what is digital access? The concept of digital access is to completely participate in a digital society. Digital access includes IoT technologies, tools, and resources to connect all premises. It guarantees safe and secure access to premises without a physical key. In our previous blog, we wrote What it means to have digital access.

Important features of the VIVIOT-SALTO digital solution that should not be overlooked are:


For every company, staff member, or guest, access can be determined down to the minute. Make sure people can only enter where and when they should - you have the freedom to decide.
The loss of the keys is no longer a problem. With Systems operators managing every door and user access plan from a powerful web-based access control management software security risks can be completely eliminated.
With a highly advanced system and compatibility with most common RFID technologies, and with leading physical security information management systems (PSIM) we ensure security at the highest level.


The solution allows you the flexibility to access control systems, which can grow from a small number of doors and to large doors and users as required.
For example, by employing the flexibility of the system you can optimize and change access plans and the use of public access areas easily.
Complete hardware and software platform fits virtually any door and any access point and suits all vertical markets.


It has probably also happened to you that you have lost the master key to the door to your home, office, garage, etc. Replacing the master key and all affected users can be very expensive, especially if it is necessary to replace the lock for safety reasons.
Our digital solution with virtual keys solves exactly this problem. As a result, it offers cost-saving maintenance of door components, maximizes ROI through buy-once philosophy, and substantially less upfront investment.
In today's world, when we find ourselves in a COVID 19 situation in which the safety of people is even more important, it is significant how effectively we know how to use smart systems that ensure the permitted flow of people through certain entrances, occupancy. VIVIOT IoT platform allows you to efficiently use the natural movements of different groups of users within and across the individual areas of the facility.


The fast pace of life today demands efficiency and quick challenges from us. Therefore, it is very important that we achieve the desired goals with just a few clicks. Our advanced IoT platform offers you just that with a few clicks in a simple time-saving management platform. Our solution easily and flexibly brings better security and usability to both end-users and system managers. With real-time technology, our IoT platform enhances the usability of virtually every building environment by securing a vast range of access points and enabling the monitoring and control of every user.
The goal of the VIVIOT-SALTO partnership is to offer incredible solutions to the global market in the field of self-service hospitality, coworking, education, and solutions that will keep pace with the COVID 19 trend.
Different building types in different industries have different security needs.
VIVIOT with the help of SALTO systems provides you a seamless, keyless experience with patented and fast read and write data-on-card technology and expertise in applying wireless electronic locking solutions in the most secure way.
Do you also agree with Simeon Preston from Bupa that, “The biggest part of our digital transformation is changing the way we think”?
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