VIVIOT applications

16 Aug 2020Blog
For the past year we have been fully focusing on our clients needs, to provide them with 360 solutions and interfaces for their business. So therefore, VIVIOT platform comes with 3 interfaces:
1. VIVIOT Business dashboard is fully responsive and is provided for C-level executives and reception roles. Your portfolio is now automated, we provide simple and remotely managing in one powerful dashboard. 
2. VIVIOT Business application is provided for cleaning, security, maintenance and administration staff. VIVIOT Business application delegate critical alerts to staff and automate security protocols. Even in emergency, application ensure high security standards, because we created dynamic keys that are sent only to specific members. VIVIOT Business application is supported on iOS and Android.  
3. VIVIOT application for end users. We developed unprecedented user experience for end users. Application is completely customisable to your brand visual identity and brand preferences. VIVIOT application is supported on iOS and Android.
Why choose our VIVIOT applications?
With deep learning and constant development, we provided a few distinctive advantages of using our applications. With deep learning algorithm we optimize your facility management. By using IoT connectivity tools, which is the most significant component of our platform, we reduce your premises management total cost reduction by preventing and cutting reactive maintenance or other similar activities. One of advantages is also that using our applications increase your visibility into facilities management activities. VIVIOT applications enables complete overview for operator and limited connectivity for visitors. We assurance positive social impact, and significant physical and virtual interaction in digital era of our lives.