Safe S Queue

23 Aug 2020Blog
Do you on your everyday business activities meet with long waiting lines of customers, who are waiting to receive or to shop your product or service? Are you concerned that in the current situation there is not a sufficient safety distance between customers? It happens to you, that some customers overtake of the existing queue, and you do not know how to react professionally and effectively in such cases? Do you want to provide to your customers not to wait in a long queue when they arrive at the store?
Our latest product S Queue, which is a part of 4S solutions, is a complete Virtual Queuing Solution to reduce and automate physical queues in many sectors, all from the retails sector, healthcare sector to the banking sector, and many other public spaces like administrative units, leisure facilities, etc.
With S Queue you can avoid physical queues and enable safe social distancing. To enhance customer experience, enable them to book a time to shop or pick up products in advance and arrive at a scheduled time to avoid long waiting lines. One advantage is, that there is no need for additional implementation and additional set-up. S queue works via mobile application and via kiosk, which can completely replace the physical front desk. Notifications in real-time that are sent to customers or your employees reduce waiting time and optimizes customer experience, isn’t this great?
If something unpredictably happens, is your personal informed with alert directly on their mobile phones via mobile application. Analytics dashboard enables you to understand, how the premises are functioning and provide proof of compliance with social distancing measures or other currently valid restrictions.
Visit our website and discover how our product S Queue can complement our other smart safe solutions to provide the highest level of safety and security in your facilities. Feel free to send us an inquiry via .