Partnership update with Cybrotech

11 Aug 2020Blog
Cybrotech is UK based enterprise specialised for developing and producing devices for measurement, control and automation. They build systems with unique Cybro programmable controllers. They are truly committed to ensuring highest quality and support to their partners, they listened to their partners preferences and developed customized products in short period of time.
On their way to achieve enterprise vision, they are looking for reliable and strategic partners, who integrates system for providing Cybro solutions, from the sensor to the web implementation in fields of industrial and building automation or manufacturers of electrical devices who would like to incorporate the Cybro technology in their products. They also welcomed partners who would like to use their product to create a new value to their products and thus expand visibility and reputation.
VIVIOT identified itself in the description of partners with whom Cybrotech wants to cooperate, so we held with Cybrotech some key meetings, where we presented our knowledge and experience in the development of web software solutions and presented the benefits of mutual cooperation. Cybrotech welcomed our cooperation.
Now is VIVIOT fully compatible to Cybrotech devices, VIVIOT is an additional value to Cybrotech heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of HVAC system to improve air quality and reduce risk of health issues users of commercial buildings.