14 Aug 2020Blog
If you never heard about digital twins, we prepared for you a short and easily understood explanation.
So, digital twins are virtual replicas of a physical products, process or the system itself. We can describe them as a bridge between physical and digital worlds, which by using sensors to collect real-time data about a physical product or other solutions. This data is then used to create a digital duplicate of the item, which means that brings digital twins to life – scalable and secure. It allows customers to gain insights that drive better products or solutions, to be understood, analysed, optimized with cost reduction and even manipulated with them. Use of a digital twins improves customer experience.
Microsoft Azure Digital Twins helps break down silos that previously stood in the way of insights and provides a robust platform to build dynamic business logic on.
VIVIOT is fully compatible with Microsoft Azure Digital Twins, which were introduced in the marketplace in 2017. It allows users to create digital replicas of spaces and infrastructure with the help of cloud, artificial intelligence and IoT.
VIVIOT then upgrades Microsoft Digital Twins and turns them into a VIVIOT landscape, which enables the definition and relations or set roles between users, spaces or business-oriented actions.
The use of digital twins in public spaces are highly recommended, as they allow building operations to bring together previously unconnected systems from security to HVAC and other systems, to gain new insights, optimize workflows, and monitor processes remotely.