Law firm Franci Kodela case

23 Aug 2020Blog
Law office Franci Kodela is a modern co-working space in an office building with more than 100 employees, located in the main shopping and logistic center of Ljubljana. Law office is located on the third floor of an office building.
Client request was to automate law office and fully equipped with VIVIOT IoT platform whole area around an office. After a careful review of the existing condition of premises in the building, and careful planning of the implementation of our solution, we planned a customized solution which is complied with the wishes of the client.
We provide and integrate below core solution and add-ons automation:
1. With Smart Gate we automated and secured the main entrance to the building and whole area around the building. When employees drive in front of parking locks, Automatic Number Plate Recognition recognizes LP recognition of employees and triggers further action to open parking locks automatically. Employees can access the main entrance and unlock office with QR codes on their mobile apps, QR code copy can be also sent via email for backup. At the main entrance we set up additional access parameters, in this case, we implemented body temperature check to provide the highest standards of health and safety of people, employees, partners and business customers in the building.
2. With Public Device management we allow visitors easily and touchless access to an elevator. Via mobile app can employee press a call button for elevator. Benefit of this functionality is that physical contact is prevented to ensure higher health standards and drive better touchless user experience.  One of advantages of Touchless Access Control is, that enables dynamic rules creation. Business customer access can be strictly determined in which premises he can enter, and when he can enter in premises, by strictly determined access and time-specific rules – e.g. QR code for customer access is valid 15 minutes before an appointment. Uncontrolled or unplanned entrances are not possible. With action logs can client easy discover and have an overview of logs via reports and analytics of data management.
3. With Smart Touch can client and his employees easily manage and control all public devices and things, from set the cooling or heating in the office, to set the daylight in the hallway or office, to set the blinds in the meeting room and so on, easily within VIVIOT Business App.  Actions in office or meeting room can be easily automated. For further comfort of employees, we granted space and mood manipulations with used patterns of employees’ preferences, for future comfort and satisfaction.
We created a first smart law office in Ljubljana and surrounding area. If you want to keep pace with the times and automate your office, book an appointment with us.