In app purchases with Adyen

24 Aug 2020Blog
VIVIOT enables payment processing integrations in a combination with Adyen as a result of complete automated support and advanced automated solution for online and in-app payments for your facility management. Integrated payments are supported for both, iOS and Android users. Adyen provides a combined payment platform for all sales channels worldwide, so no matter where resort location is, we can help you to transform your existing business model.
With the integration of Adyen complete payments platform in our VIVIOT IoT platform, we provided comprehensive automated infusion from the booking process to automated check-in and automated check-out, to prepayments and payments managing.
Payments cards of guests are pre-authorized at check-in, to process all extra expenses during guests stay at your hotel, such as ordering some extra towels, ordering some refreshments, taking daily workout in your facilities, ordering massage, etc. Our comprehensive support also provides additional charges if the guest checked-out late. Simply send invoices to guests, see payments flow, create reports and analyze reconciliation records easily, from one powerful dashboard. Our solution recognizes returning guests, so enhance your guest experience, with loyalty programs for your guests, reward them with some local experience or traditional local activity and provide an unforgettable guest experience.
Book an appointment with us today via and discover, how can we by integrating devices, people and spaces transform your existing business model.