How to transform your physical reception?

01 Sep 2020Blog
Easily, with VIVIOT IoT platform. An Automated Guest Processing is an ideal solution for hotels, resorts, glamping’s, auto camps, workplace buildings, etc. Our advanced automation easily integrates also into your specialty.
Instead of the classical reception and managing the reception staff, ensure yourself with a high-tech reception. You can further upgrade your reception with VIVIOT Kiosk, which can completely replace your existing physical reception.
With automated reception, you can completely automate your reception, from the booking process to check-in and check-out with one powerful solution. Allow your guest pre-registration via VIVIOT application before they arrived and shorten queues in front of your reception to provide the highest standards for health and safety. VIVIOT recognizes a personal ID immediately and automatically fills the registration form. Easily count and limit occupancy of your facilities, create a seamless experience and optimize your operating costs.
Isn’t this great? Read more and discover, how can by integrating spaces, devices and people, we can create a new digitized and modernized era of your business activities.
Key functionalities are:
✅ Booking engine.
✅ Seamless ERP or PMS flow.
✅ In app purchases and POS.
✅ Identity and visitor management.
✅ Automatic digital key.
✅ Plug and play web engine.
✅ Invitation and branding.
Check out how our advanced automation works in hospitality buildings and in commercial buildings.
Automated Guest Processing is available in:
  • VIVIOT Business Dashboard, which is intended for you, to manage all reservations, an automatic digital access delegation and your maintenance staff delegation remotely.
  • VIVIOT Business Application, which is intended for your employees, to manage and automate reservations and to delegate automatic digital access. Cleaning staff will be able to easily monitor their daily tasks in the application. The application provides a complete overview of the status of your rooms. Cleaner staff will be able to see her regular working tasks, in addition, all unpredictable tasks will be clearly displayed in the application. Example: A guest poured a cup of coffee on the bed in his room, in an application will be in a real-time notified new task: go clean and change the bed linen in room 032. Unpredictable tasks can be delegated by the cleaning staff. If cleaner staff is currently free, she takes over a current unpredictable task by herself and noticed this in an application. You will always know which tasks are being performed and who is performing them. You can immediately take action in case if no one takes over an unpredictable task.
  • VIVIOT application, which is intended for your guests, for check-in to check-out in your accommodation. An application allows guests to manage their reservations, to order extra services or to buy some refreshments, snacks or gifts. Through the application, guests can enter your premises with an assigned digital key and manage all smart things in your premises, such as a call for an elevator, remotely operation of blinds in the room, cooling or heating settings, etc. If the guest had not paid for your spa center or your gym, he has denied access to these premises. Each guest digital key has specific personalized credentials. Enable your guest with an unforgettable guest experience.
And are you curious about what our clients have to say about our solution?
Grega Mrgole, AIRPOD CEO said:
VIVIOT equipped us with a well thought out software solution that guides our guests through the whole booking process with Automated Guest Processing. Guests can access the AIRPOD with an app on a mobile phone, so no reception staff on-site are required.”
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