How to enhance your guests experience?

10 Sep 2020Blog
Your upgraded digitized guest experience is just a few steps away from you. Contact us and request our demo. We are here to help you to transform your existing business model. Discover, how can our VIVIOT IoT platform easily integrates your premises, devices and employees to save your time, operating costs and many more. Enjoy the digital experience. Allow technology to work for you. That sounds significant, right?
Experience Manager is our advanced automation which is available in all VIVIOT applications. Why choose Experience Manager? Because Experience Manager offers your guests superb services while they are staying at your hotel, resort, etc. Connect with external providers and together create an unforgettable local guest experience. Grows your bran and offer your guests day trips. Enable them to visit a local attraction, to visit a museum or a gallery. Let your guest relax by visiting the spa, treat them with a massage or sauna, and enable guest to book a manicure or pedicure.
Offer your guest an outside service such as car or bike sharing, food delivery, fine dining in local restaurants and many more. Be unique and offer your guest a specialty. Let the guest remember their visit to you. Grow your guest satisfaction, open new, lucrative selling channels for you and your partner services. Increase recurring guests. Grows your brand. You can promote to your guests your spa, gym or fine dining in your restaurant but also can offer to your guest an external service and earn a commission doing so. It uses its own channel as a marketing tool to increase revenue and help nearby businesses attract hotel guests. It matches guests with the best offers and hotels with maximized revenue. Marketplace keeps track of click-through rate and compiles reports on what works best so you can run campaigns that drive customer satisfaction, generate returning guests and increase your revenue. Offers, coupons and QR tickets are easily created via VIVIOT Business Dashboard. You can differentiate offers per location and per guest preferences.
Increase your revenue while saving your guests time:
✅ Personalize visitor engagement before, during & after the stay through VIVIOT Application. An application can easily incorporate to your brand identity visual with your colors, fonts, logos and more. Let the guest recognizes you at the first step. An application can be also translated into your local language.
✅ Offers useful information to your guests. Create interactive banners, sent them notifications via VIVIOT application and more.
✅ Earn commission by promoting extra services.
✅ Create loyalty programs, track interests and clicks, measure advertising ads efficiency and optimize campaigns.
✅ Saves time, the latest offers are always ready at hand.
Allow yourself to co-create in the digital era of our lives. Book an appointment with us today via We look forward to our cooperation!