HABIT headquarter case

25 Aug 2020Blog
Habit headquarter is a modern working building with more than 100 employees, located in the main shopping and logistic center of Ljubljana. An area covers the main working building and a secured parking lot.
A client recognized the need for office building digitalization and automation, for easier and more efficiently managing the property. We listened to our client needs and after some successful meetings and a careful review of the existing condition of the property, we automated client office building and parking lots with VIVIOT IoT platform.
We provide and integrate below core solution and add-ons automation on Habit headquarter office building:
With Smart Gate, we automated and secured main entrance to the building and parking area around the building. When employees drive in front of parking locks, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) recognizes register number of car of employees and trigger further action to open parking locks automatically. A solution allows that there is no need to invest in parking cards and other additional costs for maintenance of the parking card system. One of the benefits is also, that our automated solution saves employees time, entry is very quick and easy.
Employees can access the main entrance and unlock office with QR codes via VIVIOT mobile application, QR code copy can be also sent via email for backup.
With Safe Gate, we additionally secured the main entrance. Every employee or visitor must check body temperature and disinfect his hands. Safe Gate also recognizes if a person wears a mask. With this solution, we provide the highest standards of safety and security in the building. Safe Gate automatically counts people, data on how many people are currently in the building is available in real-time, easy control and managing of the occupancy in the building is enabled. If the maximum permitted capacity is reached in the premises, the sensors are triggered for alarms that are sent via VIVIOT mobile application to the right people to ensure safe social distancing.
With Public Device management we allow employees easy and touchless access to an elevator. Via mobile app can employ press a call button for an elevator. The benefit of this functionality is that physical contact is prevented to ensure higher health standards and drive better touchless user experience.  One of the advantages of Touchless Access Control is, that enables dynamic rules creation. Every employee has restricted access to the building. A benefit is, that access to archives or server rooms is strictly determined by the dedicated employee. An employee who does not have a valid digital key to enter the archive or room with the safety equipment has denied access.
④ With Smart Touch can employees easily manage and control all public devices and things in the working building. They can remotely via VIVIOT mobile application set the cooling or heating in the office, set the daylight, set the blinds in the conference room, kitchen or in a common area easily. For further comfort of employees, we granted space and mood manipulations with used patterns of employees’ preferences, for future comfort and satisfaction. For example, if an employee set the morning air temperature to 23,5ºC, these settings are saved and are automatically activated every morning for a nicer and happier start of the day of an employee.
We created the first smart working building in Ljubljana. We can also transform your business model and automate your working building. Discover how technology can work for you, upgrade user experience of your employees and optimize your operating costs.
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