Dubai conference

23 Oct 2019Event
For all enthusiasts, potential partners and investors in IoT technology, an amazing conference was held in the beautiful yet futuristic setting of the Oberoi Hall of the Business Bay in Dubai.
The event was all about to Smart Energy and Smart Spaces by incorporating artificial intelligence into the cloud. The goal of the event was to use energy more efficiently while ensuring convenience for providers and end users.
Devid Palčič, president of Robotina group and VIVIOT cofounder, gave a keynote speech at the event. VIVIOT smart IoT platform is a perfect match to implement smart public spaces into individual’s everyday life, so David took an opportunity and represented VIVIOT smart platform with all its advantages and functionalities.
It is widely known that the digitally coloured future of our lives awaits us, so we take advantage of the opportunities that a given technology brings us, was one of the conclusions of the conference.
The VIVIOT team joins this thought and looks forward to co-creating in the digital era of our lives.