Conference Installations in Smart Buildings

23 Jan 2020Event
1st International Conference had been organized by the School center of Novo Mesto under the subject “Installations in Smart Buildings”. On this conference were distinguished invited speakers Matic Sušnik from VIVIOT, Devid Palčič and Milan Susman from Robotina to share knowledge, insights and experiences from automation of industrial buildings and others public places like shopping malls, municipalities, workplaces, parking’s etc. They also introduced to participants energy monitoring in commercial buildings as well. Matic have also revealed our latest project – Smart IoT platform, which is being developed in cooperation with Robotina.
Matic, Devid and Milan were also networking and looking for strategic partners and vendors for the VIVIOT Smart Iot platform. Smart spaces are undoubtedly the next step in technological evolution and this conference held in local environment showed great case studies and further opportunities for development in IoT segment. This conference will indeed be another definition of a smart space.