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with VIVIOT IoT platform
by integrating devices, people and spaces,
to transform your existing business model.

Your smart space portfolio on

Designed to simplify facility management in hospitality, commercial and
other public spaces (hotels, resorts, co-workings and more).
View, manage and automate your portfolio simply, remotely and in one
powerful dashboard.
Suitable and designed for different industries:
Easily manage all places and rooms in hotels or resorts remotely from central dashboard.
Automatic reception lowers optimizing costs and creates profitability.
Unprecedented experience for guests with digital key in mobile application or setting up desired temperature in the room, setting the daylight or ordering refreshments.
Automate access management by easily integrating VIVIOT with worlds best Channel management software.
Automate cleaning tasks triggered by presence sensors or notify security breach in real time.
Remotely managing smart things in offices like HVAC system, lights, access points, all from central dashboard.
Never overbook conference room by allowing simple booking through VIVIOT reservation module.
Monitor occupancy of offices and enable safe social distancing automatically.
Employees can enter to the workplace via a unique digital key stored in VIVIOT mobile application.
Allow safe and automatic body and security checks before anyone enters your offices.
Monitoring the occupancy of parking lots.
Ensure better experience without waiting lines with the help of Automatic Number Plate Recognition.
Collect parking payments easily and via mobile application.
Offer limited and unique digital access for visitors.
Automate repetitive workflows for security staff, etc.
Managing entrances with counting people at the entrance, sending an alarm when the maximum number of visitors is exceeded.
Prevent waiting lines and enable social distancing by VIVIOT ticketing system and virtual queue management.
Safeguard your entrance, monitor accesses remotely and streamline security checks.
Monitor and limit occupancy or simply send alerts directly to security team.
Monitoring body temperature and in case of detected fever send alarms automatically.
Manage and display occupancy to visitors before entrance.
Optimize security by automatically disturbing tasks in case of long waiting lines before the entrances.
Digitize your parking with Automatic Number Plate Recognition to reduce operating administrative and security costs.
Provide safer experience and allow public things control (such as doorbell or elevator control) via mobile application.
Completely personalized design of all VIVIOT applications.
We listen to the wishes of the client and together with the client, we find a suitable personalized automated solution.
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VIVIOT technology for your
every need

Explore the building blocks of a powerful VIVIOT platform from a central dashboard, business mobile application and customizable visitor's application, to simplify facility management in hospitality, commercial and other public spaces (hotels, resorts, co-working places and more).

Fits everything

Perfect for different varieties of facilities and buildings
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Access Control
Payment Processing Systems
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ERP Systems
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Other Speciality Software
Access Control
Payment Processing Systems
Channel Manager
ERP Systems
Property Management System
Time And Attendance Systems
Task And Team Management
Maintenance Management
Other Speciality Software

Ongoing Projects

With our own IoT cloud, a universe of digital twins and structures, we turn any space into Smart Space. VIVIOT platform with personalized users application, enables management of Smart Spaces and Things.
Dragon Hotel

Dragon Hotel Ljubljana, accommodation with an innovative business model, hosts with the comfort of a hotel. User experience through the story of the dragon, comfortable cells, ambient lighting. The VIVIOT platform supports automatic processing of guest reservations and granting access to capsules and common parts, reservation of private toilets, automation of all important parts of the system from room heating, power station, lighting, HVAC and hot water heating by adapting to user preferences, optimizing management with automatic workflow ticketing and with a module for selling and promoting services on site.

Smart law office Franci Kodela

With the integration of VIVIOT smart IoT platform into the law firm of Franci Kodela, fully automation and remotely management of things like lights, air temperature, etc. via mobile app is enabled. The law office is located on the 3rd floor of a building, Touchless Access Control allows visitors easily access through the main entrance, elevator and all the way to the law office. An additional advantage of digital access is that visitor access can be strictly determined by time specific rules – e.g. visitor can enter into the building 15 minutes before the meeting. The strict time restriction of granting access to the building also enables the control over clients, which due to the nature of the work must remain strictly confidential. Uncontrolled or unplanned entrances to the office are also not possible, so the highest security standards are provided.

HABIT headquarter

Equipped with VIVIOT platform, is enabled monitoring number of visitors and employees in the building. Entrances to the building and parking lots are connected with the digital control integration. Main entrance is fully security automated. We made it possible to measure body temperature for each visitor or employee. VIVIOTs unique solutions detected if visitor or employee disinfects his hand in disinfections checking point. If he didn’t disinfect his hands, he gets denies access. With this solutions VIVIOT provide the highest standards of health and safety protection. With Smart Space Management is enable easily managing lights and HVAC system from powerful dashboard. Automate repetitive tasks for cleaning, security or administrative staff notify personal in real time; creation of optimization flow and improvements in Habit automation work progress are seen every day.

4S Solutions powered by VIVIOT

4S solutions seen through S GATE, S AIR, S TOUCH and S QUEUE and equipped with VIVIOT platform, provides multiple functionalizes from monitoring body temperature and sending alarms to the mobile app and disabling access (locked unique QR code for visitor, etc.) in case of detected fever. Automatic sent alerts in real time via powerful dashboard, improving air quality and reducing risk of health issues in public spaces. VIVIOT platform also took control over occupancy in the public spaces. In case of limitations are exceeded staff receive notifications for action. If necessary, creation of occupancy reports is easily made. With VIVIOT platform is enabled easily granted access to the staff and visitors in public spaces, creation of optimization flow, booking ticketing for services, managing remotely public spaces, etc. All these advantages enhance customer experience.


AIRPOD Smart Napping Pod – an advanced napping pod with incorporated smart functions packed in the eye-catching design offering complete privacy. Equipped with VIVIOT platform, the software itselves guides the costumer through the whole booking process, digital accesss to AIRPODs and initiates the cleaning process or security process if needed. Regarding to this no reception staff on site is required, nor the security or management team. Staff can be triggered on-demand through automated repetitived tasks, enabling us to manage AIRPODs remotly and scalable on premium locations worldwide.

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21 Oct 2020

We joined forces with SALTO Systems for a noticeable improvement in security

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11 Sep 2020

What does it mean to have a Digital Access?

Instead of physical access qualify your premises with a Digital Access. The concept is to completely participate in a digital society.
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